If you have ever shopped for home and approached a lender - you most likely found out about different types of loans that potential home buyer may be eligible for. USDA loan is in my opinion a great solution to anyone who does not have lots of funds (this loan allows you to finance 100% of the house - which is sweet).

One of the criteria of the loan is the fact that the property has to be in an eligible area. There is a map that could determine which address is eligible and which one is not. In Frederick area - Frederick itself is not eligible, however places like e.g. Middletown, Brunswick, Walkersville are eligible. 

For the eligibility map - click here

It does not come to a surprise that once in a while the map of eligible area is revised and changed. This year is the year of change. As of June 2018 some of the areas will no longer be eligible for USDA loans. If you are looking to take the benefits of the loan and currently shopping for a house - or planning to shop in a near future - please contact your loan officer (or my preferred lender), and see how this change may affect you.

In Maryland it will affect the following locations (which will no longer be eligible for USDA loan)

Westminster City Area (Carroll County)

Elkton Area (Cecil County)

Urbana & Frederick City Area (Frederick County)

Aberdeen Area (Harford County)

Clarksburg Area (Montgomery County)

Hagerstown/Halfway Area (Washington County)

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