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Sept. 9, 2018

Frederick MD – Historic District and Historic Properties

I am sure everyone heard of historic district and historic properties, but where is it exactly. How to determine whether my property or the house I want to purchase is a historic property.

City of Frederick has a website with map of the historic district as well as the option to check based on the address of the property – whether particular house is a historic place.

On top of that you will be able to find links to Maryland Historical trust, City of Frederick History Preservation Commission and National Register of Historic Places. Check out the website.

Sept. 9, 2018

The difference your interest rate makes

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July 1, 2018

Frederick - Things to do with kids in Summer

Frederick is one of these places that you can’t get bored no matter what. So many things to do, regardless of the time of the year or temperature outside. There are however days that you simply wonder what else could I do with my kids? Fortunately, Frederick has a lot to offer. I came across this great website that shows daily schedule of things to do in Frederick or around. You can search by hour, by day or simply by category. I am not affiliated with this website, however as a parent, I though it would be beneficial to share with anyone interested in spending great time with kids.

Below is the link – simply click on “events” section and enjoy.

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June 28, 2018

Frederick County municipalities and cities - helpful website

Frederick County provides a website with all municipalities and cities within the County.

You can easily now search for the right place and be re-directed to a local website of your interest – whether it is Brunswick, Middletown, New Market, Thurmont or any other place within the county. I hope you find this website helpful

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June 1, 2018

USDA eligibility map changes coming June 2018

If you have ever shopped for home and approached a lender - you most likely found out about different types of loans that potential home buyer may be eligible for. USDA loan is in my opinion a great solution to anyone who does not have lots of funds (this loan allows you to finance 100% of the house - which is sweet).

One of the criteria of the loan is the fact that the property has to be in an eligible area. There is a map that could determine which address is eligible and which one is not. In Frederick area - Frederick itself is not eligible, however places like e.g. Middletown, Brunswick, Walkersville are eligible. 

For the eligibility map - click here

It does not come to a surprise that once in a while the map of eligible area is revised and changed. This year is the year of change. As of June 2018 some of the areas will no longer be eligible for USDA loans. If you are looking to take the benefits of the loan and currently shopping for a house - or planning to shop in a near future - please contact your loan officer (or my preferred lender), and see how this change may affect you.

In Maryland it will affect the following locations (which will no longer be eligible for USDA loan)

Westminster City Area (Carroll County)

Elkton Area (Cecil County)

Urbana & Frederick City Area (Frederick County)

Aberdeen Area (Harford County)

Clarksburg Area (Montgomery County)

Hagerstown/Halfway Area (Washington County)

For full description please click here

May 1, 2018

Frederick, Montgomery and Washington County – interesting statistics may 2018

I am sure you noticed how quickly some homes sell nowadays. It is fascinating that 2018 brings such an enormous impact on housing market. I was browsing around and decided to share some statistics with everyone who is interested in real estate in general. These statistics are related to 3 counties – Frederick, Washington and Montgomery Counties in MD. They focus on comparing data of May 2018 to the same month (May) within last 5 years.

Frederick County

In May 2018 we had more closed sales than 5-year May average. On average we had about 396 transactions closed, where in May 2018 there were 454 transactions closed. At the same time, we have less new homes on the market. 5 years May average shows 1125 homes active on the market, where in May 2018 we had only 973 active. That means that we had less homes and more sales that last 5 years on average.

Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County tends to be more dynamic due to closer proximity to DC. 5 years May average shows 1245 closed transactions, where May 2018 shows 1314 transactions closed. When we take a look at active homes on the market – again we had less active homes in May 2018 (2384 active homes) than 5 years May average (2822 active homes). Again – more closed transactions with less inventory on the market.

Washington County, MD

We can observe comparable situation in Washington County to Frederick and Montgomery County. 5 years May average shows 161 closed transaction and 768 active listings compare to May 2018 – 191 closed transactions with only 657 active listings.


If you are interested in any further or deeper statistics, feel free to reach out to me.

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May 1, 2018

Frederick City phone directory

If you ever wanted to contact a dept. in Frederick city, but you don’t know where to call. Whether you need to find information about building permit, electrical permit, parks and recreation, police, facilities etc – here is the directory. I hope this helps.

April 2, 2018

Property tax – Things to understand

Understanding your monthly mortgage payments is crucial for home buyers. When you take a loan, and want to buy a property, your monthly payment is a blend of few components which we call PITI.

PITI is nothing else but a shortcut of Principal, Interest, Tax and Insurance. So, with one monthly payment, you will contribute toward the principal of your loan, interest on your loan, property tax and property insurance. Bank who gave you the loan will make a property tax payment and Insurance payment on your behalf. Every month that you make your mortgage payment, bank will put some money into the escrow account. When there is time to pay for your TI (from PITI) aka insurance or property tax – you won’t have to make these payments – bank will do it for you.

We have little control over the principal and interest, however we do have control over the insurance and tax (well not exactly the property tax). With property insurance -  you can search for an insurance company that can get you a better rate. Maybe bundling up with your car insurance can save you some money. Or maybe you can save some money by switching to ….. You get the idea. We can’t do the same with property tax, as this number is not up to us. Property tax is assessed every 3 years by State Department of Assessments and Taxation (STAD). So, we can’t change the tax. Why is it important for a buyer? Well because every property has it, but it can be much higher if the property is located within city limits than for similar property listed just outside of city limits. And since property tax is part of your monthly payment – it can make an enormous difference on your payments. Property tax on a house just outside of city limits may be about $3600 a year (which means that every month you will pay $300 towards property taxes) Very similar property being listed within the city limits may have a property tax of $5000 or more – which would equal to $416 or more. So, picking up a property within the city – we need to pay city and county property tax – and that makes the difference in the tax amount. And if you think that buying a property outside of city limits means that you need to buy a place in a rural area – you can be wrong. Sometimes it is a matter of crossing a street or even a backyard line (e.g. single-family homes where on one side of Rocky Springs Rd. in Frederick we have a development of single family homes in Whittier community (city) and on the other side of the road we have single family homes outside of city limits (to the point that city and non-city property backyard fences touching each other). Sometimes it is a subdivision that is simply not within the city limits and people are not aware of this (e.g. Ballenger Creek in Frederick, MD).

Of course, there are benefits of being within the city, no question about it, and I am not here to tell you where you should buy a house – this is not my role in the process. However, if you are on the strict monthly budget when shopping for a property– perhaps looking for lower taxed properties might be a factor. I must tell you from my experience though – that lots of my past clients wanted to avoid city taxes and they fell in love with a house that was within the limits of city. Once you find the right place, you know it is the right place.    

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March 1, 2018

Frederick MD Road Closure map – City and County

City of Frederick road closure database (with map)


Frederick County Road Closure database (with map and cameras).

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Feb. 14, 2018

Germantown Aquatic center – a great place for whole family

Last Monday I had the opportunity to spend some time with my 2 beautiful daughters. There was no school, and we were determined spend some time with each other. We had to watch the schedule – because Julia (my older one) had some arrangements with her friend related to her school, so … we looked at things to do and decided to visit Germantown Aquatic Center (which is actually in Boyds). I/we like this place a lot – not only the aquatic part – but there is a lot to do there. If you have never been there here is what the complex offer

Indoor swim center with small water park, slides, fountains for kids, big pool, huge diving platform, 2 huge slides (they are not always open – so check for the schedule before if you are planning on using them), and 2 hydrotherapy pools.

You may use the gym located in the center. Nice and clean space – so if you go with a group of people and not everyone wants to swim – there is an alternative

During summer time – they have a wonderful splash park – great for smaller kids

Mini Golf

There is a adventure playground in the same park. This is a spectacular playground with funky swings, big castles, stone animals and lots of other attractions. This is free – outside – so you can’t go wrong with using this park.

Tennis courts – which are open year-round. During winter they have the inflatable bubble roof.

Few things you need to know before you go:

The adventure park is free, however you need to pay for the pool. If you are a resident of Montgomery County, you pay a discounted fee. If you come from e.g. Frederick County you need to pay full price. The schedule is somewhat limited to when you can use the pool. The Center hosts a lot of events like swim classes and swim team meets, therefore you need to make sure you go when public is allowed to use the pool. The leisure pool is wonderful for kids of all ages, and I promise you won’t be disappointed with the variety of slides, fountains and other “wet” attractions, but if you want to use the big slides (which I know I probably would), it is somewhat limited.  

If you have never been there – please google the adventure playground to see how great it is. You can take your child there for many hours without them being bored. The best part is – you will stay outside and it is FREE.

Please take a look at some links below

General pool information

Pool Schedule (as of January 2018)

Splash Park and Mini Golf

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